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2020 NMO Submission Page

To be considered for NMO, you must submit your score here. Hard copies are no longer required.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 11:59pm


  1. Complete the NMO Application Form, which can be downloaded HERE.
    Attach the form to the front of your score; if not possible, upload it separately.
  2. Your file(s) should be in PDF format. Please verify that your file opens correctly before uploading.
  3. Give your filename the format “lastname_firstname_piecetitle”
    Use the same formatting for “Title” on the UPLOAD form below.
  4. If there are any important details about your submission you want us to know, include those in the “Description” box. This might include info about electronics, soloists, excerpts you want to be considered, etc. Otherwise, write “none” or “NA” etc.
  5. MAXIMUM FILE SIZE is 20MB. This should be plenty but if you can’t get it down to this, please send a dropbox/google drive link to
  6. Only submit the score; recordings/mockups are not required.

Upload PDF score below: